Tourmaline Useful and Tourmaline Remedies

Invisible in the acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion and massage are based on the most cutting-edge technology, the advent of a new instrument in the field of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, a revolutionary breakthrough. Acupuncture is not invisible , but far better than acupuncture , directly on the acupuncture points, acupuncture for chronic rehabilitation than the traditional sense , rehabilitation is more effective , and no electricity , non- magnetic , the skin painless , non-invasive , meridian effect regardless of the system , regardless of the organ , regardless of organizations, regardless of the cells of the human body to balance conditioning , so that blood circulation , reach qi pain , refreshing resuscitation, blood stasis , Qi righting, clear the meridians , balance of yin and yang the purpose of making the body for optimal effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy .

[Product Description]: According to traditional Chinese medicine theory of acupuncture, meridian theory, after ten years of painstaking research and several experts on the successful ” ” stealth acupuncture, a scientist with a long launch called ” far infrared light rays of life,” the and the release of ” air vitamin ” said the anion features a special body acupuncture reaction patch, for a variety of acute and chronic diseases, rehabilitation can receive significant results. Due to the use of acupuncture without causing skin wounds, also known as “invisible acupuncture ” , is the second Tinstone , acupuncture needles after the third -generation medical devices.



1, redness restoration projects: Repair damaged skin, promote micro-circulation of the face and skin conditioning enhanced resistance of the skin.

2, facial shaping the project: Upgrade, tight, plastic face, anti-aging.

3, frozen shoulder, cervical physiotherapy items: Improve neck stiffness, pain, active, muscle tension, shoulder pain well, sparse managers gas. Relieve neck, shoulder and arm, shoulder, upper back and chest area of pain, numbness symptoms.

4, breast enhancement projects: Breast and Chest for external expansion, loose, sagging with special effects. 20-30 degrees on the stiffness, firmness prompted more than 30%, more than 40% increase in generosity.

5, hyperplasia items: Cyclical, before menstruation, breast tenderness after periods, breast hyperplasia, lobular hyperplasia have rehabilitation efficacy. 15 days to see the miraculous

6, the weight loss program:

Invisible acupuncture has no needles, no medication, no electricity, no magnetic, non-invasive, no cross- infection is characterized, and the integration of traditional Chinese medicine meridian therapy. The role of silicon chips by stealth acupuncture stimulates Shenque inspire through the air, clear the meridians, adjust internal organs function, promote metabolism, consumption of excess fat. Invisible effect of acupuncture meridians by Leveler so nervous, endocrine, digestive, circulatory and other systems to return to normal energy metabolism balance , quick and effective rehabilitation so fat disease.

Invisible acupuncture to lose weight set, firming, shaping, remove stretch marks four effects in one, green, healthy weight loss products.

7, endocrine conditioning project:

a. blood stasis, fend off the cold and dampness.

b. delaying menopause, balance hormone secretion, improve sexual function;

c. treatment of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation.

d. irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia have a good effect.

e. constipation therapy items: Remove intestinal stool toxins from the body, treatment of constipation, enhance intestinal motility, bad breath, acne-prone skin has a good effect.